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Classical Fantasy RP
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 Scratch the Faceless

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PostSubject: Scratch the Faceless   Scratch the Faceless Icon_minitimeSat Dec 25, 2010 10:17 pm

Titles: Scratch the Faceless
Name: Scratch
Age: 22
Weapon of Choice: Staff
Class 1: Summoner
Class 2:
Aligned State: Forests

Appearance: He keeps his face covered with a helmet fashioned out of a bull's skull. Only his bright yellow eyes can be seen through the helmet. He is a Goblin.

Personality: Scratch is very, very, very, very calm in almost all situations. A stereotype he has encountered often is that all Goblins are hyper-active, explosive addicted, troublemakers which was partly what led him to seek a life of wisdom and spirituality. He keeps an open mind about almost everybody he meets and is slow to make decisions. Underneath his calm demeanor however, lies a very active spirit more like what one would expect from a Goblin. This sadistic side of him only reveals itself during battles and even then he still keeps a calm expression about himself. He also considers himself to be a helpful person, generally being more than willing to help somebody out provided that they ask for it. He also tends to keep to himself more than one usually would when around others.

History Scratch's parents made their way to Orsus when their clan was attacked and destroyed by another Goblin clan. Scratch was born and raised in the Forests of Orsus with only his mother and father to teach him of his heritage. He grew up with a mixture of his Goblin background provided by his parents and the magical guidance provided from the many wise beings who resided in the forests. When he was 9 years old, he and his parents traveled to Telum to pick up some supplies that his father wanted for some explosives. On the way there, a bull had gotten loose from a nearby caravan which was more than enough for Scratch's parents to unsheathe their weapons that hadn't been used since before he was born and relive their warrior days. They took the head as a trophy after swiftly killing the bull and the three continued on to Telum.

Scratch's parents were killed when he was 14 due to an event that was his fault. He has never fully dealt with his involvement in his parent's death but the mask he fashioned a mask from the skull of the bull killed long ago shortly after his parent's death. He has never taken the mask off since then. He has devoted most of his summoning skills to represent his Goblin origins and their life style in his summons. He has been more of a hermit once he was on his own but he has slowly integrated himself more and more into the ongoings of the outside world. He does this mostly because he has discovered that many civilizations have become great through interactions with others and he hopes to apply this idea to his own skills.

Abilities: He has a very high tolerance for pain.

Natural resistance to fire (weak)

Can easily survive with very little food and water.

Weaknesses: Weakness to ice based attacks (weak)

Tends to go berserk after taking a decent amount of damage.

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PostSubject: Re: Scratch the Faceless   Scratch the Faceless Icon_minitimeSun Dec 26, 2010 4:53 am

Can't find anything necessaries to disapproval this application.

Approved unless another staff member says something
Remember only roleplaying is allow that is not involving fights until your techniques are approved.
Be sure to read all site rules so you have no trouble
Rules found here
Have a great time!!
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Scratch the Faceless
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