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 The Royal Hunting Party

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Sir Enderon


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PostSubject: The Royal Hunting Party   Tue Dec 21, 2010 5:10 pm

Name of Party:

Member 1: Sir Enderon Michael Vinsworthyprission The Fourteenth
Inventory: Vinsworthyprission Ancestral Longsword, Vinsworthyprission Ancestral Full Plate, Vinsworthyprission Ancestral Kite Shield

Member 2: Royal Guard Captain - TBD

The remaining Members are called upon at whim by the king, and selected from members of the royal guard. An invitation to the hunting party can not be refused by any member of the guard for any reason save for illness.

Member 3:

Member 4:

Member 5:

Member 6:
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The Royal Hunting Party
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