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 Housing Rules and Information.

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Housing Rules and Information. Empty
PostSubject: Housing Rules and Information.   Housing Rules and Information. Icon_minitimeSat Dec 18, 2010 12:00 pm

Your base is where you can store equipment and items, as well as hide out in a safe spot that only you (Your party) can access. Though having a camp-base is free. having any structure as a base will cost some currency.

A two bedroom apartment: 2000
A small building/house (up to 5 rooms): 5000
A large building/house (Up to 12 rooms): 8000
A complete custom building (Any number of rooms): 10000

The amount of items you can keep in each varies as well.

Rough Camp: 5
Two Bedroom Apartment: 10
Small building/house: 30
Large Building/House: 50
Custom Building/House: Unlimited.

The only other things needed in your base is who occupies it, and a description of the interior, and if the base is a building it'll also need a location.
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Housing Rules and Information.
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