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 Yuki Mitsuko [done]

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Yuki Mitsuko

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PostSubject: Yuki Mitsuko [done]   Tue Dec 21, 2010 8:23 pm

Enchatreess of the rose
Yuki Mitsuko - 15

Weapon of Choice: A black cherry wand with roses painted on it
Class 1: White Mage
Class 2: Blank
Aligned State: Royal of the Primera



Most of the time: Ayame was a sweet girl who had kindness and warmness lock in her heart waiting to be spread to her people. A cheerful girl who enjoys playing more than work thorough she will do her princess duty's when needed to do. She was known to respect elders, people and everyone in her city not having travel outside of the city much. She does not truly know what to make of emotions than to live thorough them with whatever comes up as she often has mood switches except for a strange fact that she never gets mad often sounding calm. Never been to travel outside of the world always living with her mom in the castle she always had the sense of wanting to go on a adventure which will be the rare sight of seeing her hyper active. She is not actually a fighter thorough she will stand by and often watch them instead healing the others as they need to be. When Ayame is around her family she will protected them even thorough she is weak and not really a fighter. If anyone says one bad thing about them she will stand up to them and try her best to not get thrown around like a little kid. She loves spending time with them and will get along with anyone the best she can.

History Yuki was born in the city of Primera separated from her real family at birth. Her father seem to not be caring about her that much and gave orders to take her away knowing she would never know the grief of her mother's tear's about her being took away. She was raise up close tightly in the castle of a royal family who adopted her in and not allow much freedom. The only time she got to go outside of the castle was to play and she was escorted by her families guards every time. Soon the age six would come around as she would be taken to a physic exam where they notice she had the blood of magic. Healing powers to be exact. She was taken towards a white mage teacher where they would test her in her abilities for several year's until she grew up to be a lovely princess.

Always curious of why her mom took her towards the hospital of where she was put in a dark room with her personal guard only there where she would received some sort of blood. Yuki would take it into her own hands of where she started learning more about stuff. Her personal guard was only one who was often allow near her unless she was out in the city at a important princess deed or something enough thorough the age of 13. From there she was took towards a private school of one of the best in the country were she would learn more proper princess stuff which shape her out of her tomboy looks into a beautiful young women which ended up making her personal guard attach to her in a strange way from then on out. Soon the age 15 would approach her as they allow her more freedom for once trusting she would be well but always had to go everywhere with a guard. Somehow they did not know that Yuki would soon be reconnected with her sister who did not know of her existence yet.

Natural Healing: As the same of her sister she to happen to received the gift of healing with a natural touch as if she had been doing it all her life.
Animal empathy: The character exudes a calming influence on animals. She is seldom bitten or snarled at and animals immediately like him. If he abuses an animal, it will act confused before becoming aggressive.
Increased hearing: Appearing to the world, she is better at hearing things than seeing things as she relays on her hearing to get her around in this world.
Bloodlust: For some reason this character has a strange appearance towards the liking of blood, she even enjoys drinking it for who knows what.

-Not having any blood for a long time will make her very weak and not have much strength to do what she needs to do. (Pretty much she'll end up shortening her life to death if she ends up taking the wrong type of blood in her which she can only have royal family type blood of her sisters or guards.)

Name: Quick Fix
Class: White mage
Rank: 1
Focus Point Usage: 4
Description: This technique may allow the heals of small to average wounds to be quickly be heal. All Yuki has to do is simply mutter "Fix ___" and the healing of a cut or wound will be snitch up with no needs for any needles or thread. Warning: The person having this heal will feel a sight amount of pain or a sight burn in the process of healing.

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PostSubject: Re: Yuki Mitsuko [done]   Wed Dec 22, 2010 5:17 am

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Yuki Mitsuko [done]
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