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 Demious Steele - WiP

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Demious Steele


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PostSubject: Demious Steele - WiP   Tue Dec 21, 2010 7:03 pm

Titles: Telekinetic Genius
Name: Demious Steele
Age: 19
Weapon of Choice:
Class 1: Swordsman
Class 2: Black Mage (Telekinesis)
Aligned State: Neutral (Leans toward good)

Appearance: Demious is the epitome of physical fitness. He stands a marvelous 5'11 and weighs in at about 150 lbs, most of which is muscle. He has an almond shaped face with a dark brown eyes, and matching colored hair which is in the form of a low fade. He has naturally tanned skin, and although this is never seen due to him never talking or smiling, perfectly straight white teeth.

His armor is rather futuristic looking, for lack of better words. He wears a skin tight black compression shirt with a raised collar, a white leather vest over it with thin, durable metal shoulder pads hidden inside the leather pads on the shoulders of the vest. The vest have several pockets on its front, when Demious keeps various rations. He wears dark brown khaki pants along with black steel toed combat boots.

Personality: Upon coming to age, Demi was trained to be the same lethal assassin that his father had been, prior to his death. But like all of the clones who came before him, Demi was undermined by the emotions. As his training continued, he would attempt to discard his emotions, especially when it came to surviving his father's relentless and unforgiving training regimen. This has shaped Demi into a rather calm, young man, who often spends his time in silence, and will strive to attain it. He is confused with what is right and what is wrong, because being trained by a group of assassins has led him astray.


Telekinesis: Literally, Demious is gifted with his mind to the point where he can barely understand and comprehend what he is capable of. He is able to grab objects via telekinesis and sometimes increase his persuasion power. He also has telepathy, but this is something he can barely use, one of the many psychokinesis powers in his disposal. Sometimes, his latent powers peaks and he loses control. This has only happened once, and that was when his mother was killed by his father.

Weaknesses: His arrogance and indecisive nature. Due to being brought up in such a hostile environmental, he has come to believe that most people cannot be trusted. He also has a hard time deciding things when its comes to serious matters, and he cannot properly deem what is right and what is wrong. (Not a childish way of thinking, will be revealed in RP)

Telekinetic Blitz - Focus Points: 4 *per 2 posts* - A state rather. When Demious is fills with anger and rage, his strength and speed will increase dramatically. His body will be covered in a blue energy, which billows off his body like transparent blue smoke. He retains rationality in this form, unlike most bersek transformations.
Telekinetic Pull - Focus Points: 2 - Demious will grab an object via telekinetic energy and pull it toward him. When used on humans, this is only a slight yet powerful jerk, which is only meant to throw off the opponent.
Telepathy - Focus Points: 1 - Can only be used on Allies or NPCs.
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Demious Steele - WiP
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