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 Refferal Rules and Info.

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PostSubject: Refferal Rules and Info.   Tue Dec 21, 2010 5:27 pm

If your new to the forum and you've been reffered then whoever reffered you gets a large sum of the forums currency (Totalling 5000).

So when introducing yourself please put at the top Reffered by: [Name]

On top of this, Whoever gets the most refferals by new years can have a rank up or something they want (Basically best refferer gets a wish)

Unfortunately the count only starts now. So if you've been awesome and reffered a whole bunch already. Doesn't count.

The counter shall also be held here. Once you have a refferal under your name you shall be added to the list. So here's the list:

[Nobody]: 0 Refferals.

Note: I'm not expecting anyone to make alts. But obviously making alts is against the rules, and it's not hard to spot them so don't.
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Refferal Rules and Info.
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