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 A Beginning

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Location : Do you hear someone call you and look and noone is there? Do you feel the slight chill of a breeze on your neck yet no wind is blowing? Do you feel the stare of something yet nothing is to be found? Do you know that the dark cannot harm you? No, but i am there...and I can...

PostSubject: A Beginning   Tue Dec 21, 2010 5:04 pm

Zevas woke up, but kept his eyes closed. He stretched and felt the scales of his brothers laying next to him. Opening up his eyes Rigo was laying so he was breathing in his face. His breath wreaked...bad... Zevas woke up fully and thats when he noticed the dream Rigo was having. Zevas shivered and shoved his brother off of the bed "DUDE! Gross man just gross..." Rigo fell to the floor and woke up, giving Zevas a dirty look and Zevas knew he liked that dream. Zevas got up and got dressed, slipping his dagger into its holder. He looked around and Zerigo wasnt there. He focused on hisbrother's essence. He saw what Zerigo was seeing and he was reading a book. Zevas sighed and called his brothers to him. They crawled up his body and seemed to shrink in size, becoming small enough to sit on his shoulders. Zevas donned his cloak, covering the dragons. He pushed open his door and stepped out into the City of Telum. He looked around and Rigo spoke in his head. What a lovely day...shall we begin the original routine? Zevas nodded and started walking through the town.
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A Beginning
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