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 Zevas, the dragon's brother

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PostSubject: Zevas, the dragon's brother   Tue Dec 21, 2010 4:16 pm

Name: Zevas
Age: 21
Weapon of Choice: Two Smaller Serpent Like Dragons (explained in history (Rigo and Zerigo)) and a curved dagger
Class 1:
Class 2: Thief
Aligned State: Telum

Appearance: Zevas wears a cloak type clothing, when he is not fighting it covers his whole body and conceals the dragons as long as they stay in it. When he is fighting the cloak seems to billow outward allowing more room to move.
Rigo-a serpent like redish black dragon
Zerigo-a serpent like bluish black dragon

Personality:Zevas Is more of an ambivert. He has his up and downs. Usually being more on the up side. He will crack jokes and make people laugh. He always keeps his word and will help those in need, but he prefers to remain hidden and unkown. He likes having the advantage of surprise. When he is on a down he will become silent and hide from even the closest of friends, only communicating with his dragon brothers. Rigo is more of a extrovert. He will laugh at people and make rude remarks, always pushing Zevas to do the outrageous. Zerigo is more of an introvert. He is the calm and cool headed one, pushing Zevas to do the rational choice. This can get a little annoying because they will argue and Zevas will hear it in his head, but others wont unless the dragons let them. And if Zevas lashes out he will look a little insane.

History After having become impregnated a woman was captured by a dragon. She was forced to live with him and cater to his needs. After a while They fell in love. The woman was impregnated againby the dragon through magical means. When she gave birth there was one man and two dragon eggs. After the eggs hatched all three children (if thats what you would call them) they grew up together. They formed a special bond and alway stayed close to eachother. At their teenage years they started to gain their abilities and practice in fighting. The mother stopped aging due to the dragon's magic and both parents loved their offspring. The mother and father ended up leaving and going off into a distant land. The three members stuck with eachother and continued to grow together. They learned many ways to help and keep eachother safe. They finally built a house they could all live in peace in. But they didnt want piece. The fire of youth burned in them and they wanted to go on an adventure.

Soul Link-Zevas is connected with his siblings through a powerful magical link. He can hear their thoughs, see their vision, and sense their senses. And vice versa. This also allows them to work together in many ways.
Heightened Senses-Zevas' main senses are slightly increased to give him an advantage even in everyday tasks.
Increased Stamina-Zevas can lost much longer in battle and does not fatigue as quickly.

Vulnerability- Recieves more damage from attacks. *bruises easier, papercuts are worse, etc.*
Soul Link- They also feel eachothers pain to an extent.

Name: Weapon Formation
Class: Character Specific
Rank: 1
Focus Point Usage:
Description: When the dragons are attatched to Zevas' arms they will open their mouths and a weapon will form out of it. This involves weapons that are slashing, blunt, stabbing, biting and such. NO PROJECTILE WEAPON CAN BE MADE!!!

Name: Dragon Breath
Class: Character Specific
Rank: 1
Focus Point Usage:
Description: The dragons can emit an element attack from their mouth in the form of a breathing attack. *firebreath, ice breath, etc.* The elements that CAN NOT BE USED are light and dark and straight aura.
These can
And Air

Rank: 1
Focus Point Usage:

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PostSubject: Re: Zevas, the dragon's brother   Tue Dec 21, 2010 4:34 pm

Approved, However dragon breath is limitted to the following elements:
And Air if you really feel like blowing on people.
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Zevas, the dragon's brother
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