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 Primera's "Navivi": Item shop.

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PostSubject: Primera's "Navivi": Item shop.   Tue Nov 30, 2010 4:54 am

Upon walking inside, one sees a small person behind the counter. It seems to be talking with a client, and nearby, a fairy seems to be floating.

Sometimes, you can hear some faint "thump"-like sounds, like if something small is moving about, trying to hide itself, but also "watching" closely.

After a while you hear some loud "HEY! LISTEN! HELLO!? LISTEN! HEY! LISTEN! HELLO!?", and a childish voice going "Oh c'mon Navi, stop it...". The client leaves shortly, and the small child looks towards the client that just entered.

"Welcome to Navivi. How can I help you today?"
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Primera's "Navivi": Item shop.
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