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 Nim versione Iterum [WIP]

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PostSubject: Nim versione Iterum [WIP]   Tue Dec 21, 2010 4:05 pm

Titles: Charm Architect of the Lock and Key, Charm Architect of the Smallest Void.
Name: Nimue Taibreamh la Fayette
Age: 8½ Years beyond Unknown Amounts
Weapon of Choice: Hand-crafted Wands and Battons.
Class 1: White Mage
Class 2: -
Aligned State:


Nimue has a fragile build as her body is new, her eyes are blue and her hair is tinted as a reddish hue that reaches down to her cheeks. She wears a bewildered or blank expression most of the time, and can be often found with her mouth open. With a round face and pale skin to rest her features in.

Her clothing is often a size too large, which leads them to be covered in dirt stains from the unfortunate habit of them either trailing under her feet or leading to her falling to the floor. She wears little more than her plain white robe, and has nothing on her feet. Her new bodies skin is soft, and prone to bruising, so her bare feet and legs are littered with bumps and bruises.

After hearing music Nimue's expression chages to a dreamy one, and she will walk or crawl with her nose in the air and eyes closed until she finds the source of the music, this usually results in her carrying her body much looser than usual as opposed to her usual way of making herself look as small as possible.

Nimue has a very curious personality, often finding herself running into new things, she tries to examine them in every which way. Though very curious she's naive to most of the world, save for what her innate thoughts tell her. These traits lead her to happily explore the world with no care for the proper way things are done.

She is very shy of adults, who tend to have a more fixed mindset that differs from her own. Despite having a playful spirit she often finds herself lonely rather than having fun, this brings her to do little hobbies for fun such as collecting things or other small games that she can play by herself.

Nimue is very fond of animals, imitating and talking to them more than people. Preferring all things nature based she can often be found in flower beds or in fruit trees, as she's made very happy by their bright colours and sweet smells they possess. Her likes of bright things is only trumped by her musical sense, that completely paralyses her to all else but the music.

Not used to the language of regular people, sometimes her wordplay can be confusing so she gestures more than talks. her movements and thoughts are quick and jolting, so most of what she does and says is not thought through very much. Because of this she has very little continuity and doesn't remember things very well, which attributes to her clumsiness.

Prior to the birth of her being in the world of man, Nimue resided in one of the closest points between the world of man and the world of the Fae. Shed been on her own for some time, and music to dance to was few and far between. A great boredom possessed her for much time, no other fairies appeared to cheer her up, and the animals that wandered into her were odd little bugs that stung her when she tried to hold onto them. One night, when she was at the very pinnacle of her boredom, and staring up at the stars she heard noise.

It was close enough to music to pull her towards it. it drew her further and further away from herself, till before she knew it, she felt herself falling, rather suddenly, her body became heavier, and the flakes of her energy became weaker and harder to grasp, then all of a sudden she was surrounded by something on all sides. She flailed about, before her own lightness brought her to the very top of the water's surface.

In her search for the music, she'd fallen into the human world. But her memory was fading fast and she'd already forgotten how to remember things you were forgetting. Her focus shifted again when her nose, and face was bombarded by a wet substance falling from the sky. She looked up to have her eye hit with a raindrop as well. Though she enjoyed this cool feeling. Her pull of curiosity was more alluring. She wandered, all the while asking "What's beyond that tree?" "What's beyond that hill?" "What's beyond those flowers?" and so she kept on walking forward, forgetting to pick herself up behind her.

Tutorial: An ability which gives someone as new to the world as Nimue a basic understanding of things like the language, that staying cold is bad, that things that are too hot are bad, and to a lesser extent what wild flowers are poisonous, and which animals you should stay away from. This ability is a prelude to the technique that will later be gained known as "Fairy Intuition".

Fairy Walk: The ability to walk atop delicate surfaces with no disturbance, allowing for walking on water and crossing of surfaces which would otherwise crumble, this results in Nimue very rarely weighted down and easily blown about by attacks or even strong gusts of wind.
Completely Entranced by sweet music.
Completely Paralysed by terrible music.
Mildly distracted by average music.
Effected more than average by physical attacks.
Blown back more from magical attacks.
Easily Frightened.

Fairy Burst-(See Techniques)
Status Relief-(See Techniques)
Fae Sparkle-(See techniques)
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Nim versione Iterum [WIP]
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