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 Traveling to Primera

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PostSubject: Traveling to Primera   Mon Dec 20, 2010 1:15 pm

Kanji had everything gathered up and took a moment to look around his little space for his tent. He wasn't the first to find a clearing in Telum and make their residence in a tent and he knew he wouldn't be the last. He sighed and tried to convince himself he would miss this place. The only thing he might miss would be some fellow thieves that had taught him what he knew about the ways of being a thief. He turned from his campsite turned home and left for the borders of Telum. He took a long and rarely traveled route and then left through an area that wasn't even an intended exit for Telum. "Too many potential enemies... Can't imagine they'd be happy to see me leaving them without their money." After going through several side routes he made his way to the actual Telum Lowroad, on his way towards Primera. "Wonder what I should hit up first? Weapon shop? Or maybe I should go with a more long term plan and find out where the nobility live."

He continued his planning of his future on the whole way to Primera. He attracted little attention since he was already a pretty small dude and the amount of stuff he was carrying was barely more than what he needed to make it by. That and he made no attempt to hide his knives discourage several potential encounters with others. After hours of traveling he saw the tall towers of Primera come into view. Another hour later he could see one of the main entrances. "Ah finally... Let's hope a life of luxery awaits me." With a smile he entered the city and looked for a place to set up camp.
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Traveling to Primera
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