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 Sir Enderon Michael Vinsworthyprission The Fourteenth

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Sir Enderon


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PostSubject: Sir Enderon Michael Vinsworthyprission The Fourteenth   Mon Dec 20, 2010 1:13 pm

Epithets: Sir Enderon the Bold, Sir Enderon the Mighty, Sir Enderon the Who is That Again?
Name: Sir Enderon Michael Vinsworthyprission The Fourteenth
Age: Thirty Autumnal Harvests
Preferred Instrument of Combat: The Royal Longsword
Classification One: Wielder of Edged Weapons
Classification Two: Caster of Magic most Benign
Aligned State: Royal Family of the Capital City of Primera

Personality: Sir Enderon Michael Vinsworthyprission The Fourtheenth is described quite frequently by those whom he rules over as one who wields great power while maintaining a composure atypical of royalty. Sir Enderon is frequently described as an introvert by his numerous peers, preferring to dwell within the recesses of his own mind. During his long formal addresses however, he is most outspoken, letting all within earshot be enlightened of his beliefs and concepts for the future. His preferred method for the leadership of a large mass of subjects is to be direct, and kind, never hesitating to accept their criticism and praise.

History Sir Enderon's life has unfolded in a manner most atypical of royalty, beginning in a ramshackle abode on the outskirts of the great groves of trees. Sir Enderon was borne unto an elven mother, the illegitimate son of the royal king, Sir Enderon Vinsworthyprission The Thirteenth, and dwelled for a great many harvests within the borders of the Forest. As one part elf, one part human, Sir Enderon was teased to no conclusion by all but his loving mother, whom nurtured him for fifteen full harvests. It was not until after those fifteen harvests that the king realized his legitimate spouse was not to bear him a son, and seeking another was both ridiculous and impossible. He instead sought the wisdom of the local seer, who revealed to him the dwelling of the only son borne to him, and foretold of his demise in another fifteen harvest's time.

Sir Enderon The Thirteenth took up the search for his only son with great haste, there was little time to waste and a great deal of information to impart upon the lad. It was not for another two harvests that the Thirteenth located the lad and his mother, exiled from the Forest by those unable to tolerate the boy's halfling nature, because they were in fact jealous of the blessings granted unto him by his dual-raced nature. The king took the child swiftly into his arms in a parent's loving embrace and spoke to him about the truth of his origins. The lad was ecstatic, and pleased that the king was taking him to be educated in a manner befitting of a royal family member destined to be heir of the kingdom. The king and his new-found heir rode back to the capitol, where the king "revealed" to his people that he had in fact been given a son, who had suffered fifteen long harvests with a disease that naught but a single man, the king himself, believed would be cured. By divine providence the son's disease had been eradicated and he was now well enough to inherit the throne. The subjects appeased, the king set to work in educating the young Sir Enderon to become king.

It was a lengthy process, requiring twelve full harvest cycles to erase habits engraved in the lad, and replace them with proper royal behaviors, and another three to fine tune him, however at the age of thirty harvests, Sir Enderon The Fourteenth was worthy of the title of king. It was naught but five lunar cycles later that the king was struck down in battle against the wild atrocities most vile. With his dying breaths, the Thirteenth spoke unto Sir Enderon, " Lad, mine days are numbered as the stars in the sky, thou shalt inherit the throne of Primera, I trust that thou art worthy of encompassing an ideal that I could not reach. Rule with fairness my son, and weep not for my passing....," his final thoughts exposed, the king lie limp in his son's hands, who let out a cry of frustration with his inability to save his father's life. Sir Enderon returned home and inherited the title of king from his deceased father, determined to live up to the expectations of his family, and his subjects.

Elven Liveliness - All those marked as descendants of the elven tribes are blessed with an unnaturally long lifespan when compared to that of humans. Half-elves see diminished effects but on average live longer than their human brethren.

Human Adaptability - Human kind as a whole is blessed with the innate ability to adapt to their surroundings and overcome the odds, no matter how severe.

Mine corporeal being is not as stable as that of a normal human being, and is therefore more susceptible to outside influence.

If thou seek knowledge of mine techniques, thou should avert thy eyes to a more fitting location.
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PostSubject: Re: Sir Enderon Michael Vinsworthyprission The Fourteenth   Mon Dec 20, 2010 1:23 pm

given the seal of the worthy in a manner most fitting.
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Sir Enderon Michael Vinsworthyprission The Fourteenth
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