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 Out of Time Dungeon Rules, and basic information.

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PostSubject: Out of Time Dungeon Rules, and basic information.   Sat Dec 18, 2010 6:29 am

There are a few simple rules to out of time dungeons.

- Though the dungeons are outside the current time, all dungeons are past tense. So no being stronger than you are.

- All items and other things you acquire during a dungeon go directly to whatever base or home you have. This stops people doing dungeons and then spawning the items during battles.

- All obtainable items will be assigned to a set monster. If you decide to make up any monsters to fight against, they can't have anything to drop for you.

- Since the dungeon is past tense. Dying in these dungeons is obviously impossible. You can however be defeated, and sent out. if you're defeated you lose all your stuff.

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Out of Time Dungeon Rules, and basic information.
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