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 Super Special Awesome Techniques of Burning American Justice

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PostSubject: Super Special Awesome Techniques of Burning American Justice   Fri Dec 17, 2010 1:45 pm

For Yasu Matsumoto:

Name: Cross Press
Class: Thief
Rank: 1
Focus Point Usage: 2
The thief pushes forward with his/her weapons crossed to block the incoming attack. This defensive technique can negate a series of attacks that all are equal rank to this technique, particularly mean to be dramatic and as a defense against some of the more outrageous attacks like bullets or fireballs.

Name: And Stay Down
Class: Swordsman
Rank: 1
Focus Point Usage: 3
Description: This is a strike with more focus to knock pack or knockdown the target than actually cutting or stabbing him or her. This is often done with the butt of a sword’s hilt or with a low sweeping blow. If successful, the target has to spend 1 AP in order to get back up.

This technique will be representative of her general fighting style, as apposed to being just a technique.

Name: Take Prisoner
Class: Thief
Rank: 1
Focus Point Usage: 5 to initiate and 5 to maintain.
Description: With a burst of speed, the thief attempts to get behind the target, seizing him or her if success. When not done as a stealth manuver, the their usually turns a dodge into a maneuver to get behind the target. Ex: ducking a swing and rolling under the attacker’s legs. The purpose of the technique is generally to either end a fight quickly or for the purpose of kidnapping. Because it use dual blades, it can be difficult for the target to get free from the hold without being cut. One can escape in the same manner than one can cancel Cross Press, the energy exerted to struggle out without getting cut takes all the AP for that turn, and next, leaving him/her vulnerable. Obviously, to actually attack a character seized by this technique, a player needs to contact that player via pm and get permission.
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PostSubject: Re: Super Special Awesome Techniques of Burning American Justice   Fri Dec 17, 2010 5:59 pm

Cross press is... a blocking technique? Blocking impact of some sorts? ... I don't... really understand. But I guess since it can block minor magic, maybe 3 focus.

"And Stay Down": It's focus points, not ability points (thus FP not AP). Supposedly we don't need focus to move, thus that "cost" to get up... doesn't make any sense really. Unless you meant something else? If you didn't, it STILL makes no sense. I guess instead of FP cost maybe a small stun, depending on the target (a weak little mage like myself would be stunned for a post, a swordsman like the rest would stand tall and laugh at your puny technique IF sucessfull)?

Take Prisoner: FUUULL NELSON! ... what do you mean, "wrong parody" again? Aaanyways... you wish. As long as the other player (the target) has a (probably) sure-hit way, he can ask a mod or admin to be sure he CAN hit without godmode (you know, just in case you just DON'T want to let the other one go (which may or may not happen)). BUT if it suceeds, I like the price. Also, what if, but just what if said person doesn't resist (kinda) but tries to do something anyways? Like let's say, I can be in that hold, and "do nothing" (not fighting back physically), but still chant a spell (charge both of us against a wall for the kicks) to get free? Again, it's not AP, it's FP. Focus points, not Ability points. Or action points. Or whatever the hell you think that is but isn't.
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Super Special Awesome Techniques of Burning American Justice
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