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 Yasu Matsumoto

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PostSubject: Yasu Matsumoto   Fri Dec 17, 2010 1:42 pm

Titles: The Rookie, Kidnapper, Bottle Fairy, Little Grip on Wallet, Blade for Hire, That Psycho Ex You Had Last February That Gave You Experiences That You Wish You Could Bleach Out of Your Brain, The Runaway.
Name: Yasu Matsumoto, though she’s gone though a few aliases. It should also be noted that the name Yasu is gender neutral.
Age: 22
Weapon of Choice: A long sword in the right hand, a short sword in the left.
Class 1:Thief
Class 2: Swordsman
Aligned State: Primera


Rough Idea:

There’s nothing really too out of the ordinary to make laying low exceedingly difficult, but a bit about her is distinct. She has a sharper face but with a small nose and lips. Thick eyebrows. Eyes are narrow. Has actually shaved her head because she’s grown tired of having to cut so often only to find out she’d need long hair for another mission. Thus, she’s come to favoring wigs. Despite this, she’ll spring for her natural hair color whenever reasonable and has developed a liking for back ponytails. In figure, she's lithe but lacking. Physical training and thus lessening of fat has cranked down “assets” a good bit, but with so many warrior women in lore, its doubt full this is really unusual. Really, it’s all in the way she carries herself that brings out her femininity. Her figure combined with her height of about 172 cm does give her an androgyny helpful for disguise. With the effort, she could, and has passed as a young dandy. Bandages assist this, obviously.

In terms of clothing, while obviously preferring martial artist type garb, the job demands variety. Most commonly, this calls for blending in with the crowd, thus a simple a simple brown tunic is the usual. Of course, gaudier clothing has been donned for higher up venues, And even on occasion men’s clothing, though she has no particular joy or discomfort in wearing such. If at all possible, she’ll wear jewelry, even if it means concealing it. Out of practicality for fighting and obviously crossdressing, which she doesn’t terribly mind. Her… chest is suppressed via bandages, even if it can be unsanitary and uncomfortable for the wearer.

One’s first impression of Yasu might be that she is bubbly, childish, airhead, a bit of a jerk and in some ways, they’d be right. Of course, this means that she isn’t the type you’d expect to be of someone who gets most of their living by stalking and capturing people, which by the profession’s inherent nature is probably a good thing and in come cases done on purpose. She will purposely bump into people, "lose things", and almost invariable try to seem disorganized or gaudy in posture and dress. She tries to justify these deceits by thinking of them as what she needs for Excellency in her job and thinks of herself as honest in all maters not concerning work.

In conversation, her sheer high pitch and speed of his speech would make it hard for anyone to hear him at all if she didn’t over compensate with volume, almost like a small dog. She’s a good listener, verbally and nonverbally, and will often quickly try to match who she‘s talking to. Other times she has the tendency to try just a little too hard to make people like her, which in addition to wanting her life in shady dealings to stay in Vegas so to speak, will make her insincere, saying only what she thinks the other person wants to here. Not to mention clingy. And when her judgment of people sometimes goes haywire, it really goes haywire; she’ll stubbornly stick with these judgments. She’s as trusting you can get while still beeing alive in her profession, starving for attention, and a sucker for sob stories.

When not on the job, she is full of energy and upbeat, simply augmenting what is an emotional roller coaster governed by often bad intuition. She’s the type that must start every morning by chugging some sort of stimulate potion, or whatever Orsus's equivalent to coffee is. And with all her energy can come a little burn out. She needs the feeling of being “centered” and daily me time. She is very irritable if someone interrupts it, and very low energy if she doesn’t get that time at all in a day. Then again, the later also applies to her when she hasn’t had her potion yet. She can’t exactly say she loves the world he lives in, but there is always something interesting, always another mystery. She’ll abandon something at the tip of a hat if something just doesn‘t “feel right“, if she can‘t feel like she‘s moving in a forward direction. Taken too far, her mind wanders a bit of everywhere when not on the job, in which she is focused as expected. However, a long with over indulgence in towns, this has caused her be known for being tardy on more than a few jobs and meetings. But her ultimate goal is bringing honor to the Matsumoto family, which sees comes down to two things. One, advancing her career being number one priority. Two being following the lifestyle code of the Matsumoto family, the basic creed of which is as follows.

Honesty. Honesty. Honesty.
Time or energy shall not be wasted.
Constant curiosity, learning in all things, developing understanding, judgment, and intuition.
The sword shall only be used for preserving the line and bringing honor to it.

So while she considers herself a competent at her job, as well as a lacking Matsumoto, still with ways to go before bringing honor to the name. She’s beginning to become a bit of a gambler and conwoman, partially because of the underground crowds that she gets contracts from and still not being at a skill enough to get big jobs. She won’t admit to growing greedy, though that may be because the hoarder aspect is not particularly present, only the waster. A shopaholic, she’ll blow through cash on things she doesn’t need like magical trinkets she even doesn‘t know how to use and long, long, long nights out at the pubs. Jewelry and clothes are common, but at least they can come in handy for disguises. And yet she’s also known to be charitable, sometimes going out of her way and change purse than you expect a criminal would. But this help is a “whether you like or not”, pity often a motivation and being bossy about it. Either way, within as little as a week after a significant job, she'll usually be in need of another one.

But lastly, her ideas of romance are idealistic and unrealistic. Her attempts at flirting have all started awkwardly and ended in disaster. Clinginess and bad judgment lead her to rush into things. Plus the job obviously gets in the way. Additionally, it’s not entirely uncommon for her to daydream of warped versions of her friends in relationships; it is something she is embarrassed about. This will obviously be a gag. But, of course, this is only in addition to daydreams about her own dreamboat, whom she writes short stories about in a journal. It’ll be another gag, basically consisting of parody Mary Sue stories.

She was born into a small line of fighters that have been around for twelve generations. From an early age, she had a good idea on how her life would work out. Her elder brother would become a master in her the family’s sword art destined as clan head, while she’d be married to a distant relative sometime as a teenager, while she’d handle his financial matters and trained be trained in the polearm enough to be able to guard the home while he was away on adventures.

By the time she turned twelve, it became apparent that her brother had been inflicted with a curse, actually tuberculosis. When you become a bag of bones that coughs up blood, you can’t exactly study swordplay. Much of the others lads of the clan were ordered be at his side at all times while we spent the his day sin bed. The diea was that of normal support along with the theory that their own youthful, mystic manly Matsumoto auras would mix in with the cursed auras, purifying him. Yeah. Hey, they are fighters, they aren’t supposed to be geniuses.

And thus the clan the clan was in much need of youngbloods. Out of desperation, some of the girls were trained in the sword arts for about six years, Yasu included. It was in the sparing that Yasu had felt more alive than she ever had, and she was considered an adequate student.

But eventually, a traveling medicineman came come by the estate, saw what was the mater, and with a few week of dogged pestering, convinced the head of the real “curse”. In a little more than a year, some the lads were in fighting condition again. The girls were seen to have been no longer needed, most returned back to their former roles with no real objections. Yasu wasn’t one of them. She stole a pair of blades and escaped into the night with her sights on Primer.

Ever since, she’s been trying to get her skills out there, winding up associating herself with some shady circles in which she’s considered as not too big of a step above a grunt. However, it wasn’t long before she realized that she’s better at bring people in alive rather than dead. Gradually become quite accustomed to the way fo life she’s made for herself

Disguise in the ways of costuming and androgyny.
Confusing people.
Swindling (Mostly informed with the justification that PCs are generally smaerter than npcs.)
Gambling, or rather cheating at gambling.

Pushy jerkass.
Multiple addictions (Gambling, whatever Orsus's equivalent to caffeine is, and alochol.)
Wasteful with money (How I'm going to work this is havign her supposedly make lots of cash from gambling, but with that being the money she blows off. So, really, it's not mechinical, just for flavor.)
Wild, predictable swordplay.


Name: Cross Press
Class: Thief
Rank: 1
Focus Point Usage: 2
The thief pushes forward with his/her weapons crossed to block the incoming attack. This defensive technique can negate a series of attacks that all are equal rank to this technique, particularly mean to be dramatic and as a defense against some of the more outrageous attacks like bullets or fireballs.

Name: And Stay Down
Class: Swordsman
Rank: 1
Focus Point Usage: 3
Description: This is a strike with more focus to knock pack or knockdown the target than actually cutting or stabbing him or her. This is often done with the butt of a sword’s hilt or with a low sweeping blow. If successful, the target has to spend 1 AP in order to get back up.

This technique will be representative of her general fighting style, as apposed to being just a technique.

Name: Take Prisoner
Class: Thief
Rank: 1
Focus Point Usage: 5 to initiate and 5 to maintain.
Description: With a burst of speed, the thief attempts to get behind the target, seizing him or her if success. When not done as a stealth manuver, the their usually turns a dodge into a maneuver to get behind the target. Ex: ducking a swing and rolling under the attacker’s legs. The purpose of the technique is generally to either end a fight quickly or for the purpose of kidnapping. Because it use dual blades, it can be difficult for the target to get free from the hold without being cut. One can escape in the same manner than one can cancel Cross Press, the energy exerted to struggle out without getting cut takes all the AP for that turn, and next, leaving him/her vulnerable. Obviously, to actually attack a character seized by this technique, a player needs to contact that player via pm and get permission.

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PostSubject: Re: Yasu Matsumoto   Tue Dec 21, 2010 12:32 pm

it's approved.

And just an extra, I actually quite like this profile.
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Yasu Matsumoto
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