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 Raumulus Vauxhall

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PostSubject: Raumulus Vauxhall   Mon Dec 13, 2010 8:36 pm

Titles: The Forgotten, Trade Prince
Name: Raumulus Vauxhall
Age: 21
Weapon of Choice: Flail and Shield with attached chain
Class 1: Swordsman
Class 2:
Aligned State: Primera


Personality: Being raised in a wealthy family, Raum has a distinct sense of nobility that he emits despite the fact that he doesn't want to be recognized as one. He may look gentle, but when his anger spikes anyone in the area can become quite aware. Any other times he is a complete gentleman when needed, especially when it comes to women. Possessing a strong sense of justice, Raum cannot stand any blatant wrong-doings. Other than that, he is generally care-free and kind but quite lazy, making naps quite frequent for him. Curiosity would be considered his bane, as sometimes he becomes overwhelmed with it, causing him to make some unnecessary actions.

-Changed Through A Series of Events-

After the shocking events of his family's murder, Raum finds himself in a bind. Everything he knew before him was changing, and he himself adapted to it. Becoming more fearless and stern, Raum loses his carefree attitude and becomes more concerned and vilified.

History: Born into a large family of nobles, the Vauxhall family was known quite well for its alchemic company, being one of the largest trading divisions in Orsus, causing the family to move into the large city of Primera. Immediately shuffled into training as a trade prince, Raum was taught proper etiquette and the ways of royalty at an early age developing his look on the world. The life of a wealthy family did not sate Raum for long, however, and he quickly grew bored without self-realization. Education, People, even the surroundings grew quite dull, and he found himself wandering by a local military training post one day. Curious, after discussing with some of the recruits, he quickly joined up. Years passed without a moments notice, Raum's life quickly grew with intense physical training from the locals, accepting his secret passively. Eventually, he broke the news to his parents. Being quite understanding, to Raum's surprise, they sent him off without an arguement, his younger brother taking the position of heir. The once-trade-prince now roams Orsus, enjoying the world to his heart's content.

Shield Wall - Raum's extremely large shield and heavy armor give him much more defense and stamina against enemies.
Natural Strength - Allows Raum to keep his stamina and movement at regular momentum due to his intense training in early life.

Guilt - Takes upon the guilt of others often, lacking merciless appeal and strength to kill
Armor - Despite his strength, exerting excess work still limits his speed, making him quite slow.


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PostSubject: Re: Raumulus Vauxhall   Mon Dec 13, 2010 8:42 pm

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Raumulus Vauxhall
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