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 Aero Masters

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PostSubject: Aero Masters   Mon Dec 13, 2010 8:11 pm

Titles: None…Yet.
Name:Aero Masters
Weapon of Choice:Dual daggers
Class 1: Thief
Class 2:
Aligned State: Telum

Aero wears black leather clothing and a brown cloak over it. He is of average height and no real distinct feature. At first glance he comes off as incredibly average looking.
Personality: Aero is a very arrogant individual, when he talks, which isn’t often. He keeps to himself and is very quiet around people he doesn’t know. He often brags about his accomplishments, which usually leads him into various kinds of trouble. He does have a strong conscious and follows it regardless of the outcome. He makes a living stealing and assassinating, but he will only take from people that don’t need the wealth and only kill those who rightly deserve it and lives modestly himself. He is also incredibly loyal to the few friends he has. In combat he keeps his cool and is always looking for a weakness or an opening in his adversaries.

History Aero was born in the Slums of Telum. Aero was an only child and his father died when Aero was still an infant. He turned to stealing at a young age out of desperation for his mother. She was starving and had no income to live on, so Aero began stealing from wealthy merchants or politicians. He was caught several times, but due to his age he was let off with multiple warnings. By the age of twelve, Aero had learned not to get caught. At 16 he had developed a reputation of a dependable thief and was taking jobs from other families living in the Slums and split the take with his employer. When Aero was seventeen he was surrounded by guards after stealing from the mayor and was forced to kill a guard to escape. While he got away from his pursuers, one of them recognized Aero and sent guards to kidnap his mother. She was taken to the prison and a message was put out that she would be executed unless Aero turn himself in. Aero was on his way to the prison to give in to the request when he got a message from a family friend who had been in to visit Aero’s mom. “She wants you to live.” The women began “She says she’s lived her life and now she wants you too.”.
Crying Aero fled the city and lived in reclusively for a year honing his skills of thieving and combat. When he returned to Telum at the age of 18 he was a different person. He started by killing the people responsible for the death of his mother. The streets whispered of his feat and soon Aero was recruited by others to not only steal from the pompous wealthy that made their money using the blood of others, but also to kill them. He never accepted more for these jobs then he needed to survive and keep his weapons in good repair. He now lives in the shadows of Telum helping the poor get back at those who have wronged them.

Stealthy- Aero is able to move virtually silently thanks to years of practice.
Running wild- Aero has spent his life running and fighting. His speed is above normal and he is very agile.

Morality- Aero can’t bring himself to hurt anyone who he thinks doesn’t deserve it.


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PostSubject: Re: Aero Masters   Mon Dec 13, 2010 8:13 pm

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Aero Masters
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