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 Lanaya Cavarati

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PostSubject: Lanaya Cavarati   Mon Dec 13, 2010 6:21 pm

Titles: Lady Cavarati, Childish Gambino
Name: Lanaya Cavarati
Age: 19 / 7
Weapon of Choice: Old Double-Barrel Shotgun x1, .45 Old Revolver(4-shot), Small Knife x1
Class 1: Gunner
Class 2:
Aligned State: Mountains





Personality: Lanaya is calm as she is kind. She rarely shows emotion other than happiness, and intrigue. She is cool even in battle. During a fight, she will get vibrant and vicious if the situation calls for it, but she likes controlling her surroundings, and letting her opponent just die out themselves. She's not one for murder, although her gun can be faster than most if he is truly called to battle.

Lanaya seems slightly shy towards physical proximity outside of a combat situation, as she is one to shy away from hugs or even physical embraces that people have bestowed on her, only shown touching someone when she hugs her close friends or family. She does however have a Vulnerable side, as she can store grief and pain in her for only so long, until she has to find a release, lest she lash out on those that are actually on her team. Besides all the flaws and stunts that she imposes, she's one of the most carefree girls you could meet once you finally get to know her. Relaxing with subordinates and superiors alike, it's a wonder how she ever made it this far without being reprimanded for some offense... but it seems that being such a likable girl has just improved her chances of coasting through life, with a smile.

History Lanaya was born to Donald Blake and Carla Maximoff in a lovely home in Fumo. The woman thought that the man loved her, but The man was just in the relationship for one thing. It never appeared in Carla's mind that they had been dating but 2 days, and she had conceived a baby in but 12 hours. She had no idea that the man before her was Mephisto in disguise, she had no idea her life was about to be ruined. The child that came out was a beautiful girl, with her mothers looks, and her fathers genes. Donald snatched the girl up and held her in his arms. Looking at the woman before him, he caressed the baby's face as he revealed his true form to Carla. At the sight of his appearance, the curse on her was lifted, and she nearly fainted from the shock. Mephisto took the child and left the condo, bringing her down to his 'home'. It was in this home that she spent most of her life, being raised, taught, controlled. On her 19th birthday she was placed on earth, and her 'father' altered reality, so that she was a University graduate and raised in Fumo, but went to Primera for school. Now she just wanders around her 'home city', realizing that the demonic DNA inside her teemed with her Human DNA creates such a tragic reaction that when she becomes tired, or wakes up from a long sleep she is in her 7 year old form.


- Immensely Flexible, double jointed in every joint in her body and able to controt her body in very odd positions.
- Crazily Agile with a matching stamin, having practiced Parkour for 12 years of her life. She can run with the best of them, however over exertion leads to her downfall which is the magical transformation to her 7 year old form.


- Every once in a while, at random, she will turn into a 7-year-old helpless girl. Weapons and abilities disappear, cannot use techniques for a undetermined long period of time.

Techniques:Name: 'CLENCH THAT JAW: SPEECH!"
Class: Gunner
Rank: 1
Focus Point Usage: 3
Description: By Yelling at the top of her lungs, Lanaya has the ability to infect her voice with such a melodious tune that those who follow her banner, will be energized or re-energized so that they seem to double in strength, endurance and stamina. Her speeches always change, yet they are always helpful.

Name: Raiding Undercroft
Class: Gunner
Rank: 1
Focus Point Usage: 3 per post
Description: With this ability everything she perceives seems to be slowed down. As such she can see events happening slower than they actually happen allowing her time to break things down and react accordingly. This also effects her aim as she can move her body in a faster speed than before but in a controlled state so she can aim faster, with more control. This works for most gunners as they're reactions have to be fast enough to react in a situation that requires fast amount of reaction.

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PostSubject: Re: Lanaya Cavarati   Mon Dec 13, 2010 7:30 pm

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Lanaya Cavarati
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