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 Miles's Techniques

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Miles Sypher


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PostSubject: Miles's Techniques   Sun Dec 12, 2010 6:41 pm

Name: Drive
Class: Black Magic
Rank: 1
Focus Point Usage: 1
Description: A Variation of the basic fireball. A flame type attack that moves along the ground, bursting on contact with the first thing it touches, causing a very serious burn. This magic is used by a simple snap of Miles's fingers when he moves his hand like its moving across the ground, having to say 'drive' while doing the movement.

Name: Cross Cut
Class: Swordsman
Rank: 1
Focus Point Usage: 2
Description: Cross Cut: Miles quick draws once then goes into a backward sword style and slashes at them again right after the quick draw slash.

Name: Cannon
Class: Black Mage
Rank: 1
Focus Point Usage: 1
Description:A simple burst of magical energy, that takes the shape of a ball. Its very basic magic, and just about anyone with magical ability can use it.

Name: Quick Slash
Class: Swordsman
Rank: 2
Focus Point Usage: 3
Description: A Simple dash past an enemy while quickdrawing, slicing them while you go past them in a blink of an eye.

Name: Kaze no Ken/Tenrai No Ken Combo
Class: Character Specific
Rank: 4.
Focus Point Usage: 5
Description: Kaze no Ken to Tenrai no Ken: Kaze no Ken is a punch that focuses half of Ken's magical energy and force to a singular point that bursts outward at the opponent, causing massive damage to the enemy, causing a knockback effect. Tenrai No Ken happens immediately after contact and the enemy goes flying, moving quickly using his enhanced speed by gliding along the ground with his magic, another punch that stops the momentum comes, and then an onslaught of energy blasts demolish the opponent. This technique is a double edged sword though, making Miles's arms useless for the rest of the fight due to muscular tissue being destroyed.

Name: Raging Storm
Class: Character Specific
Rank: 3
Focus Point Usage: 5 (Charging of technique takes in between 1-3 posts, 3 posts being the maximum effect)
Description: By concentrating much of his energy around him and using his hands as a medium, Miles slams his hands into the ground, causing a massive uprising of magical energy, that can be very dangerous. If charged long enough, they will come up in pillars in a certain area around Miles.

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PostSubject: Re: Miles's Techniques   Sun Dec 12, 2010 8:03 pm

what th- No. Just no. Seriously.

Drive: Not 1 focus point. No matter how basic one technique is, it'll only be 1 (or less) focus point if:
A) has no use in battle;
B) is something to make something else easier (like seeing in the dark or swimming underwater) but still has NO absolute use in battle;
C) a physical atack that has no "status effects" and has one or two atacks in a combo (unless for special mentions like "faster than usual", "can crack boulders", whatever. I'll state what I think is necessary, and if it's not good, the admin'll correct me (I think))

Drive is 5 focus points due to that.

Cross Cut: I don't really see how that movement works, but suit yourself. Since it has no special ability at all, 1 focus point (stopping the slash needs focus, and throwing another one, bleh) would be enough.

Cannon: read Drive. since it's a "basic, non elemental spell" though, it'll be 3 focus. It'd be hypocrit of me to give it something any higher, since I have one of those myself and it's also only 4 focus. Your spell DOES sound basic-er than my "magic missile", but do note, white mages will NOT be able to wield offensive magical spells (unless it's holy elemented). White mages are built for support, not damage. How big the ball is would help, but since it's name is "cannon", I'll go on a whim here and state it's "cannon ball" sized.

Quick Slash: Simple quick draw atack? Once again, suit yourself. I guess 2 points would be good for them. There's no reason for it to be a rank 2 either. Tunnel vision would kinda need focus, the draw and the hit would be just another point. No auto-hitting tho. People can and WILL see you charging at them. If the speed of the slash is "faster than a blink", then I'd have to consider raising Focus Points to 6 instead.

Kaze No Ken/Tenrai No Ken combo: wait wait wait. 5 focus points? For something that is so powerfull it makes your arms useless? AND rank 4? No. Just no. 40 seems fair.

Raging Storm: "Charging of techniques" only happen if your focus points need more than a post to cast (i.e you have a 10 focus point technique, you "charge it" in 2 posts IF you don't use any other technique in between that). Even then, if you "concentrate much of his energy around you", then raise a tower of magical energy (kinda), I'll have to call shenanigans on that "5 focus points" thing. Doesn't sound as powerfull as Kaze/Tenrai no Ken combo, which instead will have... 25. Yes.
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Miles's Techniques
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