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 Miles Sypher

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Miles Sypher


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PostSubject: Miles Sypher   Sun Dec 12, 2010 5:37 pm

Name: Miles Sypher
Age: 21
Weapon of Choice: Katana
Class 1: Swordsman
Class 2: Black Mage
Aligned State: The Mining City Fumo.

Appearance: Miles's hair is short, but his bangs are long enough to reach his eyebrows. The tips of his hair are pointed yet relaxed, giving him a pretty nice look. His dark raven hair matched his browned skin, which seemed to shimmer in perfect moonlight. His eyes were light brown. They usually shined with kindess, excitement, and showed of a person you can trust. He usually had a smile on his face, calm, cool, and kind. His lean, yet finely muscular body was due to years of martial arts training. Through his clothing, which usually consisted of a red vest, a white t-shirt, and loose, baggy blue jeans, you couldn't really tell he was all that muscular. He stands at 5'10, weighing at 150 pounds. He is usually seen wearing red, white, or blue tenneshoes. He has a singular wristband on his right arm, and carries a package wrapped in bandages. On his right forearm, he has a circular birth mark, which is very similar to a cubi clan marking. He has royal blue wings, his right wing usually folded, since he carries his pack on that side. He wears a blue pendant with a mark on it around his neck at all times, since it was a gift from his master.

Personality: Miles is a very kind, shy individual. He is soft spoken, yet able to speak his mind when the time is right. He stands up for what he believes in and when he starts something, he sees it through to the end. He is very caring also, taking care of his friends and even strangers when they are injured or sick. He's not the kind to try to steal the show, but can if something happens. Despite his age, he has very sage-like wisdom on some subjects, such as relationships or battling. He is very warm hearted, and is able to listen if someone is having problems. He is also very protective of those he considers friends or allies, willing to lay his life down on the line even against impossible odds. His eyes shine with a caring light, and he is never too mean. He can take things too literal at times, but he's really good natured.

History: A small, lightly tanned baby was born under the the half moon on the day of May 4th. The cooing of the baby. The mother of this small child held and fondled the baby lovingly, saying sweet nothings to the newborn baby. The father sat in the corner, tears of joy in his eyes. The nurses soon came to get the baby cleaned after he met his father and mother for the first time in his short time in this life. The baby was cleaned, sanitized to make sure no germs got to him too soon, his immune system too weak to fend off a virus. The mother stayed in the hospital bed, too tired to follow her child to the infant ward, where they took care of the babies in their first day of life. The father stayed behind with the mother, having to also rest from this whole ordeal. Though they looked in surprise, their infant boy had Blue wings jutting out of his back!

The Newborn baby was shrouded in darkness, but flooded by warmth, which it could only tell was its new world, the world it had been brought into.It felt its extra appendages getting used to the air, the avian like wings spreading a bit, cracking and stretching, getting used to this new world. He was taken in, from what he heard with his developing ears, to others like him. He opened one eye, the light blinding him for few precious seconds before he opened his eyes fully, trully experiencing this new world he was in. He was sat down in a soft bed, a wave of tiredness now running over the newborn. Soon he was asleep just like his parents, resting, napping.

Early Childhood Arc

Miles's childhood was good...for the first five years. Miles's was treated well, he played and had fun like any other kid. Even though he barely met his father sometimes, at least he knew he had a father. He made friends when he was small in the city he was in. He constantly had a smile on his face, even when he was young. He was just enrolled in a community Karate Class, where he made more friends. But not all things stay good...

Six. That was the age Miles was when the most horrible event in his life happened. Six. His father came home, after having been gone for a year. But he seemed like a changed man. No longer was the soft smile that embroidered his face there, but a glare of pure contempt, aimed at his mother for some reason. He had just got back from his Karate practice, having worked hard. For some reason, his mother was crying hysterically, on the ground, her hands in her face. His father sprouted wings, just like he had. He hid, not wanting to be seen. Then in an instant, his father was gone, a singular black feather on the ground. He swore he saw a smirk on his father's face before he left. As he went into the house to see his mother again, his mother lashed out at him, trying to kill him with the nearby butcher knife. She had completely snapped. She was soon constrained by the authorities, Miles now being parentless since his father had dissapeared and his mother was now insane. The next day he found a letter, instructing him to go to the Far East, to meet a man named Shio. That was the man who would be his family for the next 15 years.

Rest of Childhood/Teenage Arc

Most of the rest of Miles's Childhood and all of Miles's Teenage years were spent with his master, which he affectionately known as Shio. He was taken to the eastern islands on boat when he was 6, having met up with Shio after a message saying that the worst had come had reached him. Shio was a tall man, being 6'6. He was very muscular, scars all over his forearms and chest. He had a cut on the bridge of his nose, a confident smile on his face at all times. He wore a biker-like jacket, with a white T-shirt and ripped blue jeans. A part of his left ear was missing, and his tail had its end missing. Though he always cared about Miles, he came off very rough. Training was very soft for Miles in his first four years training with Shio, being like his old Karate class.

But when he turned 12, his real training began. On the first day of real training, his master accidentally put too much power in a Shuto Karate chop and gave Miles a deep scar, his sternum having been able to be seen. He was stiched up, but the cut would remain in scar form. Throughout his teenage years, he attended a nearby school, but also trained with the man known as the 100th Dan Karate master. Miles became a very good martial artist in his own right, also learning Kenjutsu from his master, though he had to go to an acquaintance of his master to learn more about Kenjutsu and Iaijutsu. He had another accident (his own fault this time) involving a practice sword. He got a not-so-deep scar on his neck, which taught him that katana hurt...alot! At 18, he got a sword in the mail. It was his family's sword, Yugure, a black and white katana that has been in his family since their recorded history. He's kept this sword with him at all times, wrapped up so no one had any funny ideas about taking it.

Leaving Arc

At Age 21, Shio said that to further his development as a martial artist, Miles had to travel around the world, and not just train his body, mind, and spirit, but also his heart. He didn't want Mile to become a cold killer, like some were. So he sent Miles out to the wild, giving him one final gift. A blue pendant, worn by his grandfather that was given to Shio for safekeeping. Miles left, saying his farewells, leaving gracefully, taking his new view on life. He arrived in the mining city of Fumo, finding a very strange interest in the city, deciding to live there (after clearing his entry with the officials).

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PostSubject: Re: Miles Sypher   Mon Dec 13, 2010 10:17 am

If you can work with karate in a fantasy site that's fine (Kendo and Iaido cooler D<) I was a bit worried about the 100th Dan thing but I looked it up and understand the reference now, sides what's important is the story you rp, not the history so I dont care too much about what you put in there.

It may also be of interest to you that there will be a hand to hand martial artist class later (Probably Monk, or fighter.)

But yeah everything seems in order I guess.


Also, just something extra. How on earth do you manage to cut yourself in the neck after being trained in Iaijutsu and kendo? xD Epic fails.
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Miles Sypher
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