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 Cerise-Mirabelle Roux

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PostSubject: Cerise-Mirabelle Roux    Sun Dec 12, 2010 1:25 pm

Titles: The Higanbana ( Red Spider Lily )Of Primera
Name:Cerise-Mirabelle Roux A.K.A: Cherry, Red, Cissy, Hime, Bella
Weapon of Choice: A Wand made of Cherry wood. She also has her pet with her, He is a wolf who she calls loving Cosmos, he has been soul bound to Cerise and is very useful in battle with his defensive and healing abilities.


Class 1:
Class 2: White mage
Aligned State: Primera


Cerise is very headstrong individual, her mind can never be swayed once she has made a choice or decides to do anything weather it be good or bad on her part. At times she can come off as bossy and overwhelming to those around her. A big flirt and extremely vain, Cerise is not below using her good looks and charming mannerisms to get what she wants. Deep in her heart though is a very loving and motherly person, and the only creature to see that side is Cosmos. Cerise is also a very social person, despite being born and raised in the forests she loves attention and being around new people. Cerise hates people who have no backbone, or who won't fight for what they believe in she calls them ' Undeserving '. When fighting Cerise is extremely passionate and unrelenting, she won't stop fighting until she is at her last breath, but she still fights with her wits and never, even when she is relaxing let's her guard down. Cerise has a small verbal tick, at the end or start of most of her sentences she says ' Hn' Or ' Hmm '. Cerise is very fond of sake and drinks it a lot, when drunk she is very loud and either very horny or deathly violent, but afterwards she is calmed and usually sleepy.


Cerise was born during the summer on a warm night, her mother died once Cerise was born but not before naming her daughter. When Cerise turned one she was given and her soul bond to a wolf cub by the White Mage's who look over her and who later on trained her in the art of white magic. Growing up a princess she always got what she always got what she wanted and went to the best schools and was taught by the best White Mages. When Cerise turned 15 she use to go to Telum and watch the Black mage's, She was fascinated to no end with the power and made a promise to herself to learn it. At eighteen Cerise was old enough to be near her father and accompany him to meetings concerning Primera.
Cerise continues her life learning and becoming stronger so that one day she can help her father smite the Rebels and al they stand for..

Has natural healing abilities
can communicate with Cosmos in every way ( mind, speaking , feelings , )
Has a extensive knowledge of the human body and mind

-Because of the bond between Cerise and Cosmos she feels any pain hat he receives and vice versa
- Physical attacks
- Magic attacks


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PostSubject: Re: Cerise-Mirabelle Roux    Mon Dec 20, 2010 12:23 pm

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Cerise-Mirabelle Roux
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