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 Mandatory detour

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PostSubject: Mandatory detour   Sun Dec 12, 2010 8:27 am

Nightmare reached the oiter limits to the city of primera. He looked at the two guards standing at the gate. He needed to pass them without causing alarm. Just to go around the outside. He followed the road up to the gate and turned, following close to the outside walls. A guard appeared and placed a hand on Nightmares shoulder. Nightmare sighed and turned. The gaurd was obviously a dim witted oaf. Nightmare took off his shades and looked at the guard in the eyes. His eyes brightened and grew while the guard`s darkened. The guard let go and nightmare said "go back to your post i am of no concern" . The guard nodded and Nightmare left. Heading on his way away from the city to the forest. [exit]
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Mandatory detour
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