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 Classes Guide.

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PostSubject: Classes Guide.   Sun Nov 28, 2010 10:47 am

Each person can have two classes.

Each Class has a set of 5 ranks. Rank 1 being the lowest and rank 5 being the highest. Ranks will be gained for accomplishments and quests.

A class that can use swords and shields. The stereotypical hero class that can use blade techniques.

Black Mage.
A class that uses offensive magic, known widely for having destructive the destructive forces of nature on their side.

White Mage.
A class that utilizes the healing and defensive powers of magic, known widely for being healers rather than fighters.

Lance and Pole-arm users that are well known as mobile soldiers. Famous for having long reaching abilities that move the body as well as the long weapon.

A newer class, using gunpowder and pistols the gunner can easily use strong ranged attacks to strike the enemy.

A special magical class able to call on the power of spirits to attack. Known for their fearsome ability to bring beasts to the battlefield.

A fast class with better treasure hunting senses than the rest. Known widely for quick speedy moves using daggers, able to steal things that others wouldn't even know was there.
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Classes Guide.
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