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PostSubject: Will    Sun Dec 12, 2010 7:43 am

Titles: Crimson
Name: Will
Age: 17
Weapon of Choice: Revolver


Class 1: Gunner
Class 2: -
Aligned State: Mountains


Personality: Overall, Will is a quiet, observant person. However, he is still one to attempt conversation when things are too quiet. Often letting people come to him first, he will sometimes avoid others if he doesn't feel like talking at all. And if he is caught in a conversation, he'll find a reply that ends it, or makes it awkward for the other person to continue.

Usually his topics of conversation can range from the weather to just about anything, he doesn't have a problem discussing any subject except for certain things.

Will add more to personality later on.


Born in the Fumo mining city, he spent most of his life isolated at home, taking whatever time he could to get outside and do something. At youth, he took an interest in becoming a Gunner, a common sight in the town. Allowing to practice from one of the 'gunslingers' of the town, he became accustomed to using a simple revolver, as that is really what they had at this time. Other than the weekly practice shots he was able to do, that was his life. Home, practice, home, practice, home. Until he was sixteen, he finally escaped his prison, and is now interested in exploring the forests and the Telum coast.


- Will has slightly increased agility, allowing him to move a little faster than others.
- Will has slightly increased stamina, allowing him to last slightly longer than others.


- He has a rare disease, which causes his eyes to bleed randomly, and slowly deteriorate his vision. (Causes headaches and disorientation.)


Name: Aimed Shot
Class: Gunner
Rank: 1
Focus Point Usage: 3
Description: Will aims carefully before firing his shot, allowing him to hit with more accuracy, improving his chances of making a critical hit or hitting a moving target.

Name: Quick Load
Class: Gunner
Rank: 1
Focus Point Usage: 2
Description: Using this technique allows Will to reload his gun faster than normal, costing him focus points in exchange for having a full gun.

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PostSubject: Re: Will    Sun Dec 12, 2010 8:07 am

Character approved. Wait for tech approval before shooting anything though
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