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 Good Night

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Location : Do you hear someone call you and look and noone is there? Do you feel the slight chill of a breeze on your neck yet no wind is blowing? Do you feel the stare of something yet nothing is to be found? Do you know that the dark cannot harm you? No, but i am there...and I can...

PostSubject: Good Night   Fri Dec 10, 2010 4:08 pm

A mine whistle blows long and loud. Nightmare puts a hand to his head and groans, slowly sitting up. He looks up and sees a full moon breaking through the clouds. "Ah...another fine night to be out..." Nightmare stretched and yawned, his pointed teeth gleaming in the light. He opened his red eyes, one slightly more open the other. He got up and walked over to a small table. On it were his hat, glasses, and two guns. He donned all of the items. Walking to two large doors he pushed them open and walked outside, closing them behind him. He stepped out into the mining city. People were all going to sleep except the bums and drinkers. A small breeze wafted up past Nightmare and he turned toward the source. Something was different tonight... Nightmare pulled down the brim of his hat a bit. He smiled and started walking towards the city limits along the main road.
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Good Night
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