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 Charm Architect Nimue

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PostSubject: Charm Architect Nimue    Sun Dec 05, 2010 3:55 pm

Titles: Charm Architect
Name: Nimue
Weapon of Choice: Wands
Class 1: White Mage
Class 2: -
Aligned State:


Nimue has a fun loving personality, enjoying life and things surrounding it. Because of this she's very shy around adults, typically thinking of them as people who expect a state of seriousness otherwise their quick to anger. She enjoys music, and completely throws her concentration towards it, like moths entranced by light. She has a deep affection for shiny things, and collects them. Though usually light hearted she has a deep sense of justice, which brings her to strange mood swings notable for causing her to attack so called "Evil dooers"

Nimue's history began not so long ago, when she woke up floating in a lake with knowledge only of her spells and name. Soon after saving herself from drowning, which wasn't much of a feat considering she was in shallow waters, she made her way to curiously explore the forest. She didn't have much to go on but the depths of her mind occasionally popping up and telling her "That's good." Or "That's bad" every time she found something curious in the forest.

After some time, it began to darken on her first day of strange forest life, and it began to rain, forcing her to find shelter under a thicker branched tree. Which she spent half the night lying underneath. Only to be woken up halfway through the night, by a twinkling light by her face, she must have cast the spell in her sleep. Causing her to poke at it as the glitter vanished.

Yawning heavily Nimue resigned herself to getting up in the middle of the night, but as she brought herself into a sitting position her face stopped, and eyes closed, her nose twitched as she searched for the source of the disturbance. She crawled on all fours coming steadily towards the force that had magnetised her. Her eyes opened again when she bumped into a tree, she looked around, hoping to find what had drew her there, but as her mind told her the music had already stopped, and she'd been drawn from the safety of Efflo forest, to Fol during the night.

Peering around the tree she'd bumped into, she noticed that a road lead away from her, and the faint noises of a caravan rolling away in the distance could be heard.

Tutorial: An ability which gives someone as new to the world as Nimue a basic understanding of things like the language, that staying cold is bad, that things that are too hot are bad, and to a lesser extent what wild flowers are poisonous, and which animals you should stay away from. This ability is a prelude to the technique that will later be gained known as "Fairy Intuition".

Fairy Walk: The ability to walk atop delicate surfaces with no disturbance, allowing for walking on water and crossing of surfaces which would otherwise crumble, this results in Nimue very rarely weighted down and easily blown about by attacks or even strong gusts of wind.

Completely Entranced by sweet music.
Completely Paralysed by terrible music.
Mildly distracted by average music.
Effected more than average by physical attacks.
Blown back more from magical attacks.
Easily Frightened.

Fairy Burst-(See Techniques)
Status Relief-(See Techniques)
Fae Sparkle-(See techniques)
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PostSubject: Re: Charm Architect Nimue    Sun Dec 05, 2010 4:54 pm

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Charm Architect Nimue
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