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 Techniques and using Focus Points.

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PostSubject: Techniques and using Focus Points.   Fri Dec 03, 2010 4:33 pm

Like many other fantasy games, the amount of techniques you can use (Per post) will depend on the amount of Focus Points you have left to use. Focus Points will limit the use of techniques as fast as possible.

Every post can use up a maximum of 5 focus points.

Some techniques will exceed the limit of 5, in which the casting time for a technique will take more than one post to pull off, simply if you cant use a move in one post, it may take two to finish preparing it.

To lower the amount of focus points a technique uses up, you will need to rank up your class.

Points do not stack, so if you only use up 3 in one post. You do not have 7 in your next. The number is a constant of 5. Ways of gaining more focus points will be implemented later, so keep an eye out for them.

generic monsters have Focus Levels which is the amount of focus points you need to expend to kill them.

Normal attacks (Non technique strikes) only count as striking a monster with 1 focus point per post. No matter how many times you attack it with regular attacks in one post, it only counts as 1.
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Techniques and using Focus Points.
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