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 Places and Available Classes.

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PostSubject: Places and Available Classes.   Sun Nov 28, 2010 8:14 am

Mages Circle is a traditional style fantasy world based within the country of Orsus, meaning the average monsters, magic and swords. Due too tensions between Orsus's city states, the adventuring trade has been pushed by the states so that they have a military might and resource gathering force to call on. There are a total of 4 different lands in Orsus, three of them being city states.

The Capital City Primera.
At the centre of the country, it has a formal military made of a diverse range of people and classes, it's ran by a monarchy that won their seat of power by force decades ago. The people of the city seem content with their lives, at the head of the country and having basic control over it.
Available Classes: Lancer, White Mage, Swordsman, Thief.

The Mining City Fumo.
A city located completely underground in the mountains of Orsus. A culture in itself it's far more industrial than the rest of Orsus, and keeps out of the affairs of the other cities. It also has a formal military and is located in the roughest area due to the strong creatures that also lurk near the underground city.
Available Classes: Gunner, Lancer, Black Mage, Swordsman.

The Merchant City of Telum.
The ambition driven city of Telum lies on the coast, and have had their eyes on claiming Orsus in recent years. With no formal military of their own it has become a hub for guilds of adventurers, it's mainly controlled by powerful businessmen, who've recently cut off trade to the capital.
Available Classes: Gunner, Black Mage, Thief.

The communities of those who live in the forests, very little trade comes from here as coming too and from them is very difficult, and the rest of Orsus has become wary of the people who live in the woods, leaving them more or less isolated as well. It was supposedly these people who introduced magic to Orsus, so it's classes tend to be more magic based.
Available Classes: White Mage, Black Mage, Summoner.

If you you can't make a combination of classes that you like, then don't worry. You can leave a class slot blank, go to the place that has the class, and do a mission there which will result in you gaining the second class that you want.
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Places and Available Classes.
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