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 Kromnor the Vile

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PostSubject: Kromnor the Vile   Thu Dec 02, 2010 10:55 pm

Titles: Kromnor the Vile, The Dark One, Exile Amongst Exiles
Name: Kromnor
Age: Approximately 35
Weapon of Choice: Quarterstaff
Class 1: Summoner - Rank 1
Class 2: Black Mage - Rank 1
Aligned State: Forests Exile

Personality: Kromnor's personality is exactly how it sounds; he is amongst one of the vilest, most insane human beings ever brought into existence. A case could be made that he is no longer human, but something only partially living. He demonstrates an outward aggression towards anything living that got him exiled not only from his village in the forests, but from the village of exiles he was exiled to. His personality is so sickeningly bad that he was exiled from the exiles. He shows no respect for anything living and thinks of everything as if it were just some tool to play with in his research into the darker side of summoning and black magic.

History Kromnor's twisted story begins with a rather unexpected revelation; he was born as a small, well mannered human child to a mother and a father in the forests, contrary to the popular belief that something as vile as he was could have only been the spawn of Hell. He lived a rather normal childhood, growing up amongst his friends and studying all things arcane with the village elders. It was not until he had left his family's ancestral home that he began his journey down the path of evil he now walks. No one knows exactly how the story unfolds, however it is agreed that during his journey outside the village, he encountered something that caused him to transform from a sweet, well mannered summoner who respected nature and everything it provided, into a vile, despicable shell of what he once was, consumed only with the pursuit of power and perversion of all things living. Upon his return to the village, he murdered all of his old friends and used their bodies to experiment with the darkest of all magic arts: necromancy. Forbidden amongst the villagers, necromancy was a dark perversion of the forces of nature, deforming and bringing back that which should never have been, as well as manipulating and destroying the life forces of living things. The greatest necromancers were capable of snuffing out their enemy's lives then raising them from the dead as their loyal servants. It did not take the villagers long to exile Kromnor to a village far away, which housed all of the exiles and their ancestors since the founding of the village, and in turn it didn't take them long to exile Kromnor from their village. Without anywhere to call home, Kromnor wandered the forest and built his own lair deep within the forest. One can tell when they approach Kromnor's abode by the twisted, decayed trees and grass that mark the area, the result of Kromnor's negative energy flowing out into the area.

School of Magic Focus: Necromancy - When a mage focuses in on one particular school of magic, they are able to develop and perfect that school, allowing them to cast powerful spells with significantly less effort. Contrary to popular belief, necromancy does not solely involve the resurrection of the recently, and long departed to serve as slaves. The fundamental driving force behind necromancy is the use of negative energy. Negative energy is the polar opposite of positive energy, the driving force behind many healing arts. Negative energy has many uses, it can be used to instill life in that which was dead or never living, and provides a healing effect on these constructs; it can also negatively effect the living, draining their energy and stamina, and when strong enough, their very life force. It is the study and use of negative energy that forms the true backbone of necromancy.

Aura Of Death: A necromancer is able to project a constant dome of deadly negative energy around themselves without even thinking, making close combat with a necromancer ill-advised. The dome itself does not expand farther than 3 meters out in any direction and only contains negative energy strong enough to do some damage and weaken those inflicted, but is always active, making it more of an ability than an actual technique. The dome also acts as a sort of extended sensory field, allowing the necromancer to sense when something is disturbing the flow of negative energy around him/her.

-Direct exposure to strong forms of light
-Positive Energy Spells


Name: Necromancy: Summoning Level 1
Class: Summoner and/or Black Mage (Necromancy Focus)
Rank: 1
Description: The first and most basic level of necromantic summoning, the necromancer is able to summon and control up to 3 friendly undead at one time. The available types of undead include: Skeletal Fighter, Skeletal Archer, Skeletal Mage.

Name: Necromancy: Touch of Death
Class: Black Mage (Necromancy Focus)
Rank: 1
Description: A low level, short range necromancy technique using negative energy to cause damage to a living foe's life force. Against living opponents this technique will cause damage to the target's life force. Against non-living opponents, this spell will disrupt whatever is being used to control them, causing them to become immobile for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. Against undead opponents, this technique will instead cause healing in the target. Despite the name, direct contact is not needed, the effect works within 0-4 meters with effectiveness dropping the farther the opponent is.

Name: Necromancy: Instill Fear
Class: Black Mage (Necromancy Focus)
Rank: 1
Description: A low level necromancy technique using negative energy to negatively effect a target's thought process. This technique will cause a single living target to become consumed in immobilizing fear, rendering them powerless for a short amount of time. Against non-living opponents, this spell will disrupt whatever is being used to control them, causing them to become immobile for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. Against undead foes, this technique will have no effect.
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PostSubject: Re: Kromnor the Vile   Fri Dec 03, 2010 5:45 pm

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Kromnor the Vile
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