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Reikon Keiri

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PostSubject: Absence!!!!   Fri Dec 31, 2010 12:54 am

Can anyone guess what the equivalent of having a knife stuck in a flame for 5 minutes, then jabbed into your arm repeatedly, feels like? No, nobody? Ah well then I'll tell you. It's being bitten by a fucking 10" Centipede from South America.

I'll tell the story to you all later, but for now I'll be taking a few days to go sit in my room and cry in the fetal position. Nature is a bitch for creating something so horribly painful. Take not that this is coming from my mouth of all people. Should you ever come across a giant Centipede (particularly one from south america) Light the bitch on fire, stomp on it, whatever. Cause I'm telling'll save you so much in the end.
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