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 Orunitia the Platypus (self-made pun, please ignore)

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PostSubject: Orunitia the Platypus (self-made pun, please ignore)   Sun Dec 26, 2010 5:53 am

Hello everyone, name's Vivi, and like most of you, I'm an alchooli- what do you mean this isn't Alchoolics Anonymous? ... Oh it isn't?


Name's Vivi, Nickname Moony (aka Crazy), self-intitled "Bastard in the corner" and official "unoficial crazy". Normal kind of person, may rant out of nowhere, state about backpain, yes I'm old (19 years old IS preety old already, I SWEAR!), here's my cane. It's made of Mahogany. BUT NOT JUST ANY MAHOGAN- Wait, wrong parody.

I make loads of references (every now and then) so don't worry if you don't get it. If you do, congratulations, I may just not remember where I got them either.

So yeah. I also "change" personality alot (as in, I'm calm but suddenly I'm drinking blood, next hour I don't remember anything).

Thanks for understanding, good day and have fun you lot, now GET OFF MY YAR- wait, wrong age.
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Orunitia the Platypus (self-made pun, please ignore)
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