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 Shūshuku Hōyō; The Constricting Embrace

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Shūshuku Hōyō


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PostSubject: Shūshuku Hōyō; The Constricting Embrace   Tue Nov 30, 2010 5:34 pm

Titles: The Perverse Homosexual, Seductive Summoner, and D*ck.
Name: Shūshuku Hōyō (収縮エンブレイス, Literally, "Constricting Embrace")
Age: 17 Years
Weapon of Choice: 2x Daggers
Class 1: Level 1 Thief
Class 2: -
Aligned State: Primera


Shūshuku Hōyō is a very kind man to family; mostly to his 6-year old sister. He loves her, and considers her to be a sweet little angel. His younger brother, being a teenager, he often fights with; they will sometimes fight over the silliest things. They're siblings, of course; they were destined to bicker. However, he never really argued with his sister; he found it to be impolite at his age. Instead, he argued with his younger brother, choosing to take it all out on Tenshi. Ai, his sister, is the only person he's truly his sweetest too.

He is quite perverted for his age; he uses porn - normal for a boy his age - at least to his belief. However, his knowledge is against the older women; he considers them to be ugly. He prefers the younger women, rather than women whom have become hags. He chooses to seek little girls; insult him, and he'd kill you for such words. There was no difference from his love, and that of others; he had the right to love a small girl if two men could love each other. He was human; he was an individual.

History: Shūshuku was born to the Hōyō family in Primera, the Capitol City. A natural with smooth-talking and cunning, he is a thief in Primera. He is the oldest of three children; he has a younger brother (14) named Tenshi, and a younger sister (6) named Ai. Early on in life, he spent most of his time training, and the rest of the time with his family - mostly his brother Tenshi. The two would argue, fight, and so on. As time went on, the two grew apart, and spent less time together; ironically, this happened around the time of Ai's birth. They both found her cute and adorable when they first saw her. She was a beautiful, little angel to Shūshuku's eyes. He just couldn't stop playing with her; he wanted to see her smile. It pleased him for some strange reason.

It was only as he grew older that he realized something; he had a strange affection for little girls. He would approach them off the street, and start talking to them. Most left him; they found him creepy. However, one that always loved him; one that would really enjoy his company, was his very own sister. He somewhat loves her; in a like like sense. He chooses to hold off on those feelings though; she's all he ever really loved as a partner, and he wasn't gay for his brother. He argues with his brother, and loves his sister. Now as a thief , he plans to use these efforts to "steal" Ai's heart. He is now in Primera to become a great thief with the help of his aiding brother and sister. .

Abilities: Family Danger Senses (If his brother or sister (Tenshi or Ai) are in danger, he can sense it; he does not no where they are though.), and Persuasion (As a Thief, he is able to confuse, and persuade people to do what he says quite easily)

Weaknesses: Gets distracted by little girls.

Techniques: -To Be Registered After Approval-
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PostSubject: Re: Shūshuku Hōyō; The Constricting Embrace   Wed Dec 01, 2010 4:40 pm

Approved o.o
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Shūshuku Hōyō; The Constricting Embrace
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